Not fluent in meow? Our feline friends aren’t always the best communicators. So, what are they really trying to tell you?



“Tabi here, Why does my Toby (1 yr) like to vigorously shake his tail when he’s excited? Never seen this before in a cat. He also shakes off like a dog so vigorously he makes slappy sounds and his front paws come off the ground and spread out.
I call it his cute dances as my guess is he’s using his cuteness to get me to do things like get his harness and let him play outside.”


Sounds like you have a fun kitty in your life! The meaning of the tail shaking depends on his tail’s position. If it is down and it is twitching back and forth (like a dog wagging her/his tail), then it is expressing conflicted emotions. For example, he could be watching birds but knows he can’t or shouldn’t catch them or wants to pounce on you but knows you wouldn’t like it. If it is upright, he is fake spraying. As long as you have had him neutered, nothing unpleasant will come of it; if you haven’t, he might start to spray. Tails, whiskers and ears! All of them tell us about cats’ emotional state! And his cute dances really do sound cute.

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