Not fluent in meow? Our feline friends aren’t always the best communicators. So, what are they really trying to tell you?



We’re planning to get a kitten soon. I have a plant that I know is not safe for cats. I’ve owned it for years and it is one of my favourites, but I’m willing to replace it with something safe if I have to. Is it okay if I hang it from the ceiling, or keep it in a room the cat can’t access?


To be able to answer your question, I’d really need to know what kind of plant it is. If it is something that cats like to chew on but that is worse for the plant than the cat (e.g., spider plant), hanging or sequestering it is fine; but if it is a lily, no way! This list tells you whether a plant is “just” irritating or whether it is deadly. Hopefully your favourite plant isn’t on it! If it is and you have to find it a new home, check out this list of pet-friendly plants:

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