Not fluent in meow? Our feline friends aren’t always the best communicators. So, what are they really trying to tell you?



I wanted to ask if cats can sense things are wrong?


We know that cats have senses that are different than ours with their sense of smell and sound are more advanced than our own. Can this explain their quirky behaviours at times? Are they smelling changes in our biology that are “wrong”?

When we are sad or under more stress, it is often amazing how the cat “just seems to know”. They seem to know when extra cuddles are needed or how therapeutic their purr is. Although there may not be a rational or scientific explanation for a cat’s ability to give our lives so much comfort and joy (especially when life may be going wrong), we can put it simply down to the amazing bond that we have with our cat family members. And that is a very right thing!

Cats are very sensitive animals! They are more attuned to changes in people and their surroundings than humans are, and can certainly pick up on more subtle signs that something is wrong than we humans can.

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