The Cat Gourmet: Wet Versus Dry

Wet or dry? Does your kitty have a favourite type of food? Do you prefer one to the other? Your…

Foods for Different Ages and Different Stages

The dizzying array of choice when it comes to what to feed your cat can be overwhelming on its own….

Cat Road Trip: Veterinarian Edition

Does your cat have a vendetta against veterinary visits? Do they hate the car? The busy waiting rooms? The noise,…

There’s More Than One Cool Cat

Dogs might get more leading roles in movies, but we all know that cats are the better stars. A dog…

6 Tips For Keeping Up With Your Cat’s Health

When a person is sick, it’s usually pretty obvious. We’re not claiming that everyone goes down for the count when…

Who Really Runs the World?

Dogs might have the longer history as domesticated animals, but the truth is, cats have had us trained since the…

Tips to Prevent Litter Box Dustups

We all love our cats, but very few of us love dealing with litter boxes. While we might not love…


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