What to Look for in a Feline Friendly Veterinarian

Did you know that there are more cats compared to dogs in Canadian households? That makes it even more surprising that cats typically don’t visit the veterinarian as often as dogs do. Finding a clinic with features and approaches tailored to make feline patients more comfortable and calm during their visits can help create a more pleasant experience for everyone. Keep reading for some things to keep an eye out for when choosing a clinic.

Feline Friendly Seating Areas

A cat friendly waiting area might not seem like a big deal, but adding a nosey or noisy dog to the mix when your cat is already stressed doesn’t help things. A separate seating area where your cat is away from prying eyes can reduce stress during your wait. 

Cat Related Displays and Artwork

Even if you’re not there for the art, seeing cat-related imagery or displays prominently displayed at a clinic means they’re thinking about cats from the get-go. It shows they’re thinking about your cat before you even arrive. 

Cat Related Content on Social Media

If your clinic has social media, check to see if they speak to cats specifically on a regular basis. Yes, dog owners are more likely to take their dogs to the vet, but if a clinic shows that they are also dedicating some of their time to cats, that likely means they’re going to be a cat friendly clinic. 

They Make Recommendations to Help Make the Trip Easier for Your Cat 

If they know your cat is stressed by clinic visits, a feline friendly clinic will take the time to talk you through getting your cat to love their carrier. They might also offer loaner carriers or recommend calming pheromones or other treatments. These are all signs that they are familiar with and know how to handle stressed out kitties. 

They are a Certified AAFP Cat Friendly Practice

The Cat Friendly Practice® program is a global initiative designed to elevate care for cats by reducing the stress for the cat, caregiver and the entire veterinary team at the clinic. Visit https://catfriendly.com/find-a-veterinarian/ to help find a Cat Friendly Practice near you! 

These aren’t the only things that can help make a veterinary practice feline friendly, but we think they are some easy things to look for that can also make a world of difference for you and your cat when you visit, whether for a regular preventive checkup or during an emergency.   

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